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About – Expat Embassy


Expat Embassy is your embassy to the world. Our experts offer you everything from insights into a new country to asset protection possibilities to new and upcoming international investment opportunities.

Country Embassies

Each country embassy is managed by individuals who understand the challenges, and how to overcome them. Some are real estate experts. Others are focused more on immigration or tourism. Each one has a network of people to offer whatever services you need to help you visit, explore and/or settle into your new home. You can find the country you’re interested in by hovering over the “Embassies” tab in the menu or clicking on an article from that country on the home page.


One of the most daunting challenges when investigating a new location is in regard to where you’ll live, purchase/rental contracts and all applicable laws. Anyone who’s ever bought real estate outside their home country has faced these challenges, and perhaps paid at least a little more than necessary. In order to provide you the best service and lowest prices, among our listings you’ll find both private and company listings.

Embassy Realty

Expat Reality services aren’t just listings but include experts vetted and selected by our real estate company. The Embassy Realty family includes our agents in various locations. They’re equipped with the tools and training necessary to help you find the property that’s right for you.

Embassy Rentals

Some Embassy Realty locations manage rentals in addition to listing properties for sale. Most listings are from private individuals or other rental companies.

Asset Protection

In today’s over litigious world, it’s never been more important to protect your assets. Such precautions are wise regardless of whether you remain in your native country, spend time abroad or are an expat. Our experts can help you structure your assets in such a way that will minimize the risk and extent of any asset seizure.


The Embassy Marketplace provides a store where each embassy offers resources to help you investigate or pick up items that reflect your interest or experiences. When you make a purchase, depending upon how it’s listed and how many you purchase, you may be taken to a specific country’s marketplace.


One of the greatest resources for internationalization is the ability to network with others and ask questions about their experiences. Some of the greatest relationships we can enjoy are with those who’ve gone before us, understand our struggles and are there to help us along the way. Then we have the opportunity to pass on our experience to the next family searching for a new life. Business opportunities abound, but can be difficult to spot without a good network. Investment opportunities are sometimes seen by expats that aren’t recognized by locals, for various reasons, offering more possibilities for a vibrant international forum.

Without Borders

Your online information station, providing in-depth interviews with various internationalization experts around the world. With regular weekly shows plus specials when opportunity knocks, we keep a constant flow of the information you need and up-to-date opportunities as they arise. Listen in and become part of the family.

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